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Name Mia
Age 14 (S1)
15 (S2)
16 (S3)
Hair Color Magenta
Friends (Centopia) Yuko
Simo (S2)
Friends (Unicorns) Onchao
Friends (Real World) Vincent
Violetta (S2)
Mario (S2)
Sarah (S3)
Speciality The ability to talk to unicorns
Occupation Student
Unicorn Guard
Voice Actor Rosabell Laurenti Sellers(S1-S2)
Margot Nuccatelli(S3- )

Mia is the protagonist of the TV show Mia and Me.She is a human who can travel to the magical land of Centopia, with the help of her book and bracelet. Mia is the only elf in Centopia who can talk to the unicorns, which opened up a whole new level of communication between the elves and the unicorns. Mia's ability to speak to the unicorns have gained her many close friends, such as Onchao and Lyria. Mia's closest friends in Centopia are Yuko and Mo.


(The human form of Mia is left undescribed here due to there being a change of her portrayer.)

Mia as an elf has puffy magenta hair tied in loose pigtails at the endson both of her shoulders. She has a pink butterfly accessory on the left of her hair, and has a variety of jewels laid out on her hair. She wears a classic,short cut pink pixie outfit with no sleeves and has high stockings as well. She has wings, and is always seen with her water glare, her portal bracelet and her butterfly friendship ring.


Mia is a cheerful person and has few but true friends. She will do anything to protect and hold the back of her friends, which makes her a few enemies as well. Mia is smart and friendly, and is very serious about protecting the unicorns. She is a self-assumed guardian of Onchao and Kyara, as she promised Lyria she would protect them.


Mia is a fourteen year-old, whose parents passed away in a car accident. Her current guardian is her aunt. Mia is about to join a prestigious boarding academy in Italy, and as an early birthday present, Mia recieves her father's last invention for a gift; a storybook of all the nostalgic stories her father used to tell her about a mystical land called Centopia. Mia also gets a bracelet with a blue stone and a note from her father tied to it, which says "I am Mia". Mia figures out how to tap on the stone and use a password, which transports her to Centopia, beginning a parallel life with elves and unicorns.


  • Mia is the first character from Earth to be able to go to Centopia, and is followed by Violetta and Sarah.
  • Mia is the only elf who can communicate with unicorns.
  • Both Mia and her first voice actor Rosabell were 14 in Season 1
  • Mia secretly wishes she could fly as well as Yuko or Mo
  • She doesn't like crashing when she flies


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