Onchao is a young winged-unicorn born in "The Golden Son".


In "The Golden Son", Lyria gave birth to Onchao. Onchao was born with a golden horn and wings. He has the power to revive desert lands. Mia and the other elves realize that though his powers give new hopes to Centopia, they also make him a big target by Panthea. In Onchao's Oasis, Lyria sacrificed herself to Gargona to protect him from being discovered. King Raynor allows Onchao to stay at the elf palace.

Onchao is also mythically known as an alicorn, which means winged unicorn.


Onchao has a golden horn unlike all the other unicorns. He has a golden mane and tail. His wings are white with gold jewels on them. His eyes are brown.


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