Name Sara
Age 16
Hair Color Light Auburn
Friends (Centopia) Mia
Friends (Unicorns) Kyara
Friends (Real World) Mia
Speciality Can navigate well in the dark
Hiphop dance
Occupation Student
Voice Actor TBA

Sara is a character in Mia and me who debuted in Season 3 of the show. In the human world, she is visually impaired after suffering from an accident. She is an award winning hiphop dancer.
Sara can see in Centopia, as an elf, and is the only one who can see the messenger bugs of Dax even when they are invisible.


As a human, Sara is visually impaired and is always seen wearing black glasses. She has shoulder length dirty blond hair and straight bangs on her forehead.
As an elf, Sara can see. She has light auburn hair tied in a loose ponytail at the back of her head and her bangs are split in the middle. She wears a green elf outfit with swirling green designs.


Sara is shy and introverted,but can be stubborn at times too. She lost her eyesight in an accident and the depression made her stop hip hop dance. Until her close friends Mia and Fabio gave her motivation, she was not even planning to go back to school after summer. She deeply cares for her horse Papino.Sarah easily believes in hope and happiness to get away from depression, but this can cause her to be slightly stubborn, not without a good heart though.



  • Sara is the only physically challenged character in Mia and me.
  • Sara's vision is extremely good in Centopia, better than most elves. It is almost like she has double the power of sight, making up for her blindness on Earth.
  • Sara is the only elf who can see Dax's spybugs
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