The Element Unicorns are 4 unicorns that protect Centopia.


These 4 magical unicorns have never revealed themselves to elves for centuries, until both the Water and Wind Unicorns revealed themselves to help Lyria give birth to Onchao.



First appeared in The Golden Son. She lives in the cave of the Birth Grotto, where all unicorns are born. She has fins, a fish tail, and no hind legs because she needs to swim.


First appeared in The Golden Son. She travels with the wind. When she stomps, she creates a loud boom. She uses her wind powers to create a cyclone to stop the Munculi from capturing Lyria and used her cloud powers to carry Lyria to the Birth Grotto. She is pure white all over her body and her mane and tail are in the shape of clouds


The Earth Unicorn will appear in The Blossom Tree. She helps free unicorns from Panthea,the earth unicorn only listens to mia only


The fire unicorn is covered in flames of orange, he appears to have the abilty to bless unicorn foals. He first appears during Onchao's blessing.He also appears during Fiery Flower.


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